The sPace



The Hive will be a membership driven multi-use space designed for remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Members will have access to benefits through companies such as TriNet and shared resources through such as

The coworking space will include a private office space, dedicated desk space, and open seating.  Members will have access to wifi, coffee bar, a kitchenette, a printer, scanner, and more.


Events & Meeting Room Space

The Hive will host educational and social events. Educational events include luncheons and seminars that address topics such as health and wellness or entrepreneurship. Social events include wine tastings, book clubs, and networking events will foster community in Chester and the surrounding communities. Public events will include an open house for Chester’s First Friday with the purpose of sharing what we do at The Hive.

Members and non-members can rent a private room with a conference table, television, and computer hookup.

Community level members will have evening and weekend access to our gathering space. I will use this space for member events and rental spaces for private events. The purpose of this beautiful and inviting space is to connect with old friends, make new friends, relax and enjoy time with other women.