At The Hive we want to create a space where you are known.  The Hive will provides a co-working and community space.  We strive to create programs and activities to keep the community connected, healthy, and successful.  The building will host shared space including a conference room, co-working space, and event space.  Through membership we will also provide access to resources that harness the power of shared buying and larger communities. Entrepreneurs, remote employees, startups, freelancers, and others can find a place at The Hive.

The Hive’s goal is to organize and host community events, educational programming, and support groups.  We want to address the loneliness and isolation that many people feel in the world today. We at The Hive, want to enable the residents of Middlesex County, especially women to work, socialize, and thrive in a community that empowers, supports, and encourages them to reach their goals in all aspects of life.